January 12, 2012

Daniel Edlen's Vinyl Art

For the first time that I can remember in the past decade, I did not spend Christmas day with Jeff Buckley's music. I had saved nothing new of his to open per my usual tradition- no music, no books, no videos. I've had my eye on something from Europe, but haven't managed to order it yet.  Instead, I had several other artists saved for the day- more than I even got around to. It gave Christmas a very different feel and I promise myself and Jeff, I'll have something nice saved for this year.

Aside from music itself, my love for records over all other formats is the larger canvas for cover art.  I first saw Daniel Edlen's work in 2008 when someone posted an article on the Steve Hoffman forums.  As a lover of all things music and art, and as an ameteur [closeted] portraitist myself, I was instantly in awe.  More recently, Daniel posted this portrait of Jeff Buckley, done for his wife who introduced him to Jeff's music, and I can't help but share it with anyone reading here.  Please have a look at his site and blog, check out his amazing works, and the videos of him bringing them to life.  He does custom works of anyone you'd love to have immortalized on your living room wall, or you can purchase previous portraits featured on his website.

Daniel Edlen online.
On blogspot.
On facebook.
Jeff Buckley online.

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