July 8, 2012

Black Keys: El Camino

Brothers and Attack & Release are two huge fave albums of mine in recent years.  Every time I play them I look forward to the next time I'll play them again.  I was thrilled to see this show up so in the new release titles- their 7th album El Camino, so soon after Brothers. 

Completely co-written and produced with Danger Mouse who produced Attack & Release with them in '08, the Keys split time between a studio in Nashville TN during March to May 2011, while touring Brothers. This album took 41 days to complete- their longest for any album to date. 

After struggling to reproduce the sound of some slower songs from Brothers live on tour, they set out to make El Camino all up-tempo riff-driven songs that translate better in a live setting.

Regular Edition Packaging:
-Single disc, black vinyl.
-Tip-on gatefold.
-Plain white die-cut sleeve.
-Large poster with credits.
-CD included.
Limited RSD Edition Packaging:
-Double LP on 180 gram black vinyl cut at 45 RPM.
-Bonus 7" with 2 live tracks.
-Tip-on gatefold (same)
-Large poster (same)
-CD included (same)
-10k gold numbered, 3500 non-numbered.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these pics! I wonder if the designer was inspired by this photo set of cars and vans cropped to a square with similar composition: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jmania/sets/72157622967254385/