July 9, 2012

Depeche Mode: Exciter

Music For The Masses was a fantastic album, one of the 80's best, but Depeche Mode took a sonic leap into the 90's with Violator, kicking off what for me is their best 4 album run. Songs Of Faith And Devotion seems the stepchild- bringing guitars and grit to the mix in a near mockery of the grunge movement. They polished up and mostly mellowed out for Ultra, and perfected that vibe for Exciter, which contains 3 of my top 10 fave DM tracks: Dream On, Freelove, and Shine.
(Others are: Only When I Lose Myself, Policy Of Truth, Personal Jesus, Barrel Of A Gun, It's No Good, Strangelove, Dangerous)

In 2007-2008 Rhino pressed the bands catalog onto expensive 180 gram German imports, but recently soundstagedirect.com had blow-out prices on a lot of Rhino stock.  I was already grabbing the Prince reissues, and the Ashford & Simpson 12" box, so I couldn't swing these 4 at the same time- but certainly did not pass up on the double disc Exciter for $12.99!  The others quickly sold out. You snooze: you lose!

Exciter is the only double LP in the DM remastered vinyl series from Rhino, the rest are single disc LPs. The package is double 180 gram LPs in a gatefold with printed sleeves. No download or CD.

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