July 15, 2012

Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends

I'm not familiar with their older albums, I bought the Dark Side Of The Moon cover album because I am a big fan of the original, and ended up loving it.  Then I liked some of the collaborations released over the past year, but missed out on those wildly colored discs.  So this was a shot at getting a couple interesting tracks AND the wild colored label-less vinyl. I watch them sell on eBay so I'm aware that in general there are more muddy colored discs than the brilliant high colored ones they always show in ads, or in photo galleries like Daniel Huffman's, who mixed colors for the Lips / Prefuse 73 discs.

My copy didn't turn out to be what I'd call wall-worthy wild, but it's still pretty nice. I've seen some real gross pea-soup-puke and shit-swirl-browns on eBay, so I'm real happy with mine! :) 

The movie my mind puts together while listening is that planet Earth has perished in global tragedy, but I've been spared for some reason and have been floating through a littered atmosphere in a dilapidated time capsule for ions listening to echoes of this outer-space noise-junk.

My timeless haze of almost endless brainwash static is finally broken when Erykah Badu echoes The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face in what's meant to be my final moments.  Just as I'm about to fade into the vast unconsciousness of deep black space- there's a ruckus that shakes me awake. I'm revitalized, and then appearing before me is God in the combined embodiment of John Lennon and Chris Martin, to tell me he doesn't want me to die, that I must continue to hope.

The double vinyl is in 2 single-pocket covers packaged together, both have printed sleeves, and all the print is of this colorful sound-wave static. The only printed words are on the sticker. Vinyl colors vary greatly from muddy to wild and in all kinds of colors, limited to 10k. No download or CD included. 10 copies were made with liquid blood inside clear vinyl pressings- the blood was given by the band and some of the collaborators (Yoko Ono, Nick Cave, Erykah Bado, Chris Martin, Ke$sha, and Justin Vernon have all confirmed), inside clear vinyl versions.  These were sold for $2500/copy.
The band has also released this on CD and digital, omitting the track with Chris Martin and adding the track "Tasered and Maced" (featuring Aaron Behrens of Ghostland Observatory.

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