July 15, 2012

Record Store Day 2012 @ Spoonful

For Record Store Day this year, I was only after one thing really- the Flaming Lips & Heady Fwends album.  I'd missed out on all the 12" singles put out over the previous months, so here was a chance to get all those collaborations and more, and still get one of those uber cool multicolor pressings with no labels.  I arrived later than planned (as usual, the gut rules!) and about 40 people were ahead of me.

Shortly before opening, Spoonful owner Brett had come out and asked what people were looking for, advising them which direction to head to once in the door for the best chance at leaving happy. When he got to me, he said he'd only received 13 copies of Heady Fwends. "That's not good" I mumbled... but thankfully my friend Rob did get there earlier as planned, and was 10th in the door! He was able to pick up Heady Fwends, The Cure's Entreat Plus, and Jack White's album for me before I even got TO the doorway!  Good thing because once I did get in, I was frozen in place by a HUGE turnout that cranked up my sudden awareness that I had zero personal space for a little while. Thanks Rob!  And thanks Spoonful for a fantastic Record Store Day!  It was awesome to see the store so PACKED!!

After Spoonful, we headed to Lost Weekend Records where Rob bought some more fun stuff and we picked up a pantload of freebies- this place was also PACKED like crazy. The only thing Rob didn't find was the shaped 12" by Fun. Pretty cool day!

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