October 16, 2012

Melissa Etheridge

Long-time fave Melissa Etheridge giving us everything she's got, again. This woman lays her bare soul out for us like no other. How does she pull herself together after, how does she have anything left live her private life? If I wrote an album, spilling my love, my anger & pain like she does... I would need the next decade to get out of bed again.

It's true, her best albums are pulled from the depths of loneliness and longing, and then the lies and betrayal when it all falls apart, but when shit lines up right, and you hear her wailing about somebody being good to her, you feel that shit too- like nobody else can!

Her first two albums were my soundtrack for coming out in 1989, Brave And Crazy was the last new vinyl album I bought in '89, as I finally caved to the CD craze.

Brave And Crazy was released on Tuesday September 11, 1989. I worked at a record store at the time, and would have bought my copy on Friday Sept. 15th after work while having a coworker cash my paycheck about 6PM.  Strictly by coincidence, I bought this new album Friday September 14th, at 6:05PM, 23 years later. Awesome.

Of Melissa's 11 studio, 2 live and 1 greatest hits albums, only the first 6 were on vinyl with increasingly small runs. A few are almost impossible to find now, but Breakdown is still sold on Melissa's site for $12.

This is the first double LP set for Melissa: heavy-weight vinyl packed in die-cut sleeves, in a beautiful gatefold.  There is a 1-sheet lyrics/credits/photos insert, and a download card.

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