October 15, 2012

Aimee Mann: Charmer [US]

Another in a long line of consistently great albums from Aimee. This one has a slight upbeat vibe from the last couple. I think with all the critics and bloggers focusing on how much alike all her albums have been since 2000, she might throw us a real curve-ball next time and give us something more challenging.

Packaging is quite nice as well: gatefold with a spinning-wheel cover and printed inner sleeve. The US vinyl is transparent orange, and the UK vinyl is 180 gram black with 500 on mint-green.  Download code is included.

If you buy the vinyl at the right indie store, some have a free 7" with 2 bonus tracks while supplies last. 'Brother's Keeper' can be found on itunes, but so far 'Mea Culpa' is exclusive to this 7".  Sorry, no bonus tracks come with the included download.

I read that 3D glasses add a little craziness to the artwork as well- especially the awesome inner cover!

There is a pretty cool slipmat of the cover spinner available from Aimee's store with purchase of the US pressing + $10.

Aimee Mann online.
Aimee on FaceBook.
Charmer on metacritic.
(The cover has a tan background, not grayish like my photos. Photoshop couldn't seem to help get the hues right. Also, the 7" to the left is from an eBay flipper selling this free promo for $18. #Asshole!)

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