October 15, 2012

Still-Sealed 80's Faves!

There's just nothing more nostalgic to me than finding a still-sealed old favorite that still has a sticker on the cover!  So many of my original records came from the record clubs- which very rarely had stickers. Finding them now is even more awesome than when I got them the first time!

Foreigner and the 12"s below are recent eBay wins. Heart and Van Halen are Spoonful finds, but the Pat Benatar is from my friend Jeff Anderson in MPLS (can't thank him enough!).  These are all being saved for Christmas day spins!

Took me a while to find a fresh copy of Prince's best extended version ever released- I Wish U Heaven (Pts 1,2 & 3). Once the initial album version is over, 7 minutes of the nastiest gospel-funk ever put on record begins! It's completely over-looked by all but the most hardcore Prince fans. Billy Idol's driving White Wedding came on white vinyl. And I FINALLY found one of my very favorite early 80's funk 12"s- Bottom's Up by the Chi-Lites! Unspoiled!!

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