June 9, 2011


Jeff Buckley's Grace: The first time I played it, I was lost in it- part of it. Swirling through my mind and my room with it. It is from one instant to its next haunting and beautiful, sweeping and crashing, romantic and heart-breaking. It's soft and soaring brilliance is to experience everything emotional in a single hour.
It seems the last thing the vinyl world needs is another reissue of Jeff Buckley's Grace- this is the 7th pressing since its release in 1994.  But in truth, we do need this pressing because until now none have done this album justice. 

Being my favorite album, I was thrilled to see this pressing was coming from RTI.  So many faves in my collection are RTI pressings and they're absolutely the best quality records I've ever owned.  I'll be picking up extra copies of this one.

Kevin Gray mastered this at his new mastering studio Cohearant Audio, and RTI pressed it into the stunning masterpiece it was meant to be, with the life it was meant to have.

They did a great job on the cover  as well, though it's not as close to the original as the '05 Legacy reissue.  The original inner sleeve is nicely reproduced in full on a single sheet insert (the '05 Legacy cropped the band photo on a printed sleeve), the record is in a thick audiophile sleeve.  Beautifully done!

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