January 28, 2012

Envelope: This Could Go Either Way

For 2011, native Columbus Ohio rapper, and CD101 fave Tony Envelope releases his 4th set- a 6 song EP with Jacoti Sommes, titled This Could Go Either Way.

This is the first release on his own Palais Du Pomeroi label, and his first 12" vinyl release.

To kick off the album, Envelope performed at 8 local indie shops Oct 15th, ending up at my fave- Spoonful, where I recently picked up my copy (and got Envelope's 2012 calendar as a bonus!).

I emailed Tony to get some details about the record to post, he replied:
"There were 450 copies of the record in black vinyl and 50 copies in clear glow in the dark. We recorded and mixed all analog.  Adam Smith (Columbus Discount Recordings) was the engineer and Adam also works Musicol. He cut the lacquer direct from tape and the record was pressed in town at Musicol.  So this project never left Columbus and stayed analog.... 
Also the covers were hand screened by Adam and I."

Envelope releases so far:

  • Envelope (EP), 2004 Easter Island Recordings
  • Insignificant Anthems, 2005 Weightless Records
  • Shark Bolt. 2008 Weightless Records
  • This Could Go Either Way (EP), 2011 Palais Du Pomeroi (vinyl includes CDR!)
Only this 2011 EP, and a 7" of I'm Not Poor (Jut Broke) b/w What We Gonna Do Now 2006 (From Insignificant Anthems) are available on vinyl so far.

envelope online.
on facebook. Preview all his releases in his music store here!
Hear trax from Shark Bolt at his myspace, including Day Dream Nation.
enveloperaps blog.
online store (you know you want this sweet azz rekkid!!). Other titles still available!
envelope videos on vimeo.com.

Great review of the new EP at The Agit Reader. (3rd entry down)
In the Columbus Dispatch.
Insignificant Anthems @ PopMatters. (excellent review!)
Andrew Kern's Tuttle Wall mural 'Cowtown', this section honoring Envelope.
Contact Tony Envelope at enveloperaps@gmail.com

Envelope will be playing a show on Valentines Day, February 14th at Ace of Cups with Nick Tolford & Co and Jeff Fernengel. 

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