January 22, 2012

Numero 036: Cult Cargo: Salsa Boricua De Chicago

Incredible 2LP set from Numero!  In the mood for some more old school jamming after recent purchases (below), I made the 3 minute trip to Spoonful after Brett posted he had new Numero Group stock.  A little more familiar with their titles now that I've spent some time listening and hugely admiring their catalog online, I was looking to probably pick up the 'Good God! Born Again Funk' set, but I was there just a few moments looking through the Numero section when Brett brought his laptop over for me to listen to a few samples of other restocks and new titles.  A sucker for box sets, I requested a sample of this Cult Cargo comp, and a few seconds into the first click and I was ready to go!  He clicked a second song but I made him turn it off- I like as much of a new record to be as fresh as possible the first time I sit with it.

This double LP set comes in plain white inner sleeves, inside two separate printed light-weight jackets recreating the covers of 4 original LP covers with printed spines, housed with a 12" booklet inside a tip-on slip-case cover box. The booklet is 24 pages crammed with more liner notes and photos than you can commit to memory. The music is compiled from Chicago's Ebirac label's original masters. There's a great review of the set in this entry at dustedmagazine.com

All Numero Group titles are pressed at United Record Pressing in Nashville, TN.

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